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A sex lover is a real man who can’t stay without sex for long because of the body’s features. It is a macho with a fairly hairy body. With a choleric temperament, an excess of hormones, good nutrition and a well-trained body, he is always ready to have sex three, five and sometimes even eight times a day. A sex lover can be both an energetic male and an avid lover. If he lacks sex, he suffers, not only emotionally but also physically – headaches, frequent erections, etc.). His type of woman is feminine, temperamental, with prominent body forms. Sex lover was writer Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin.

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Sex alcoholic – Has sex for the same reason as others like to smoke, enjoy overeating, play casino or computer games. In childhood he loved sucking his finger and biting his nails. Adult – loved another activity. A sex alcoholic is unable to cope with his desires, much like an alcoholic cannot dispense with a bottle. Indifferent to sex, the outcome is more important to him than the process. Lack of sex causes irritability, depression, excessive masturbation and other addictions. Female Type: Anyone who agrees. An example of a sex alcoholic is golf king Tiger Woods. Selfie London Escorts with Real Selfies

Sexual terrorist – secretly or openly hating women. Engaged in sex to get rid of negative emotions, let down steam, forget about problems, and prove that all women are prostitutes. In sex, aggressive, sadistic, humiliating and insulting partner. Very jealous. If you lack sex, behave inappropriately, you may even be raped. Female Type: Famous, high-ranking, and wealthy, if not needed – any fit. The sex terrorist was political activist Lavrentius Pavlovich Beria.

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